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Super Potassium Humate (25KG)

  • Category: Organic Fertilizer > Fertilizer
  • Super Potassium Humate (25KG)
  • Description: We are known worldwide as the wholesaler suppliers of high-quality Super Potassium Humate that is produced using the best quality raw material. Potassium humate can be applied in agriculture by drip, spray or soil treatment.
    Super Potassium Humate, Potassium Humates enhance the buffering properties of soil. Our best quality Potassium Humates which is approved in farming where we serve.
  • Features: Feature's & Advantages: Soil conditioner. Improve soil structure . Increase caution exchange capacity of soil. Stimulates biological activity in soil. Enhance resistance to stress for soil, especially reduce high salts in alkaline soils. Enhance nutrients
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Price: 11250
Selling Price: 6750
Offer: Offer 40% OFF Minimum Order 25 KG
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Kisaan Agro Inventions


Contact Person Name: Kisaan Agro Inventions Origination: (Indore, India)

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