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2in 1 - Battery & Manual Operated Sprayer (12V8AH) 16 L Backpack

  • Category: Pump & Irrigation > Agricultural Sprayers
  • 2in 1 - Battery & Manual Operated Sprayer  (12V8AH) 16 L Backpack
  • Description: Top Suppliers of Battery Operated Knapsack Agricultural Sprayer (8AH 12V) , 16 L

    Backpack Sprayers Pump.

    Product Specification
    •    Model : 2in1
    •    Capacity: 16 Lt water
    •    Tank Material : 100% Virgin PP materials
    •    Tank Colour: YELLOW Shinning
    •    Battery:High Quality 12V8AH With speed control switch and Charger
    •    Battery Indicator: On front side of Tank
    •    Motor:110PSI (4.1L)Earth* Motor
    •    Additional:LED Light
    •    Working Pressure:0.2-0.40MPA
    •    Spray Lance: stainless steel adjustable lance , Strong trigger with Lock
    •    Spare parts: Four plastic Nozzles Plus 8 Holes Nozzle
    •    Back Guard:In Yellow color OR Black color
    •    BELT: Suitable Heavy Belt
    •    Packing:1 PCS/ Colour Carton  Repack 3 PCS in Corrugated Carton
    •    User Manual (How to use) : with every pcs in English language
    •    Net Weight/Gross Weight(kg): 6.0KGS/6.6KGS

  • Features: High Quality 8V12AH With speed control switch and Charger, Battery Indicator: On front side of Tank
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Price: 2650
Selling Price: 2250
Offer: season offer
Packaging: PIECE

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Kisaan Agro Inventions


Contact Person Name: Kisaan Agro Inventions Origination: (Indore, India)

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