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super potassium humate flakes

super potassium humate flakes
  • Group Name: organic fertilizers
  • Category: Organic Fertilizer >> Fertilizer >> Organic fertilizer
  • Description: Super Potassium Humates increase the buffering homes of soil. We provide highest quality Super Potassium Humates which is approved in farming.

    It is used in farming as a fertilser additive to boost the performance of fertilisers especially nitrogen and also phosphorus based fertiliser inputs. 2nd salts of humic acid are produced, normally sodium humate which is used in family pet health and wellness and also health supplements.

  • Feature: Advantage Stimulates plant enzymes Acts as an organic catalyst Stimulates growth and proliferation of desirable soil microorganisms as well as algae and yeasts Increases root respiration and formation Increases the availability of mic
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