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  • Group Name: Humic acid
  • Category: Organic Fertilizer >> Fertilizer >> Humic Acids
  • Description: We offer high Quality Plant Growth Stimulators which are used for All Type of Crops, Vegetables & Other Plants to enhance growth. Plant Growth stimulators are solutions of gibberllins, natural growth hormones. These are eco friendly and do not Contain Any harmful Substance . They counted as safe productsPlant Growth Stimulant a topical spray treatment with refills and a high concentration solution to be combined with water. Both products are designed to increase the growth of Crop, flowers, vegetables, and fruits.
  • Feature: Benefits to Plants & Crop : Increases yield and improves quality of the product Prevents pre-dropping of fruits & flowers. Increase the size of fruits and flower Helps the plant & Crop for keeping healthy even in draught condition It Increase Immunity Le
  • Keywords: Booster, Booster PGR, Plant Growth Simulators, Plant growth regulatory
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Company Name: DOLLS EXPORT
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