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Peaceful Valley Arctic Humus

Peaceful Valley Arctic Humus
  • Group Name: Bio Product
  • Category: Organic Fertilizer >> Fertilizer >> Organic fertilizer
  • Description: This bulk bag is now sold by volume instead of weight. It now holds approx. 50% more than the previous bag. Peaceful Valleys Own high quality humus straight from Alaska! Vigorous biological activity makes Arctic Humus perfect for enlivening and inoculating garden soils, composts and compost teas and potting media. Rich diversity of beneficial bacteria, fungi, and protozoa. Great soil conditioner reintroduces natural biological processes into the soil to create a healthy root rhizosphere and increase availability and absorption of nutrients. Works beautifully in potting mixes in place of peat or coco fiber products as it holds up to seven times its volume in water. Ethically harvested in Alaska. Free of pesticides, E. coli, chemical impurities or foreign residues. Apply: at planting, mix 1 of Arctic Humus into soil to a depth of 4"-6; mulch .5 as a mulch or top dressing on lawns; for compost/humus tea mix 5 cups humus to 5 gal of water and aerate well. Generally no need to add further nutrients. Agitate when straining for foliar spray to prevent loss of beneficial fungi.
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