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Solar Power Pest Control Trap

Solar Power Pest Control Trap
  • Group Name: Solar Trap
  • Category: Electronics & Electrical >> Insect Control Traps >> Insect light trap
  • Description: We manufacture and supply Solar Powered Insect Trap which is and effective solutions for insect control in crop fields.
    AS9007G:Solar Power Electronic Pest Control Trap is environment friendly, zero pollution, green/clean energy operated physical pest control/management device which works on principal of communication with wide of range insects/pests usually found in farms/woods across the world. This trap is designed for both outdoor & Indoor (Protected) farms Viz.Greenhouse/Poly house/Shed Net,etc, to give the protection to the all type of crops; in open field and protected fields; against pest infestation/attack.

    Product Specifications:
    Area of Coverage: 1.5 to 2.5 Acre ( depends upon land level as well as type, density and height of crop)
    Insect Communication System (ICS):
    Ensures only nocturnal harmful pests of crops will get attracted in the trap
    Key Modules of ICS are visual, electronic waves and other communication signals.
    Insect extermination Mode, Attract & Burn.
    Working Time, 5 Hours after sun set, 365 days/year
    Product Life Time is 7 Years* with proper maintenance

    Application of trap
    These traps are mainly designed to control the agriculture pests; those damages; commercially grown crops listed below, but applications are not only limited to the agriculture pest management.
    Protected Farm Crops: Creeper crop includes cucurbit family crops, grapes, Lima beans, Kidney beans, Fava beans, etc.

    Integrated pest management tool, for protected field and open filed Organic, Natural, Commercial and Sustainable farming practices.

    Horticulture- Fruits
    Horticulture- Vegetable
    Agriculture Field Crops
    Spice Crops
    Medicinal Crops
    Aromatic Crops

    Social Forestry, Mosquito Breeding Sites (With Additional Attachments), Urban Greening, Food Processing Industry, Aquaculture, Resorts, Garden Hotels, etc.

    Microbiz Network India is a Startup Company, manufacturer, exporter and marketer of very innovative Electronic Insect Control Trap products in India

    For More Information & bulk Order Contact NOW! At: 9664787836 | info@microbizindia.com

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