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Solar LED Light Trap

Solar LED Light Trap
  • Group Name: Solar Trap
  • Category: Electronics & Electrical >> Insect Control Traps >> Insect light trap
  • Description: AS9001SLT: SOLAR LED LIGHT TRAP
    Insects are able to see light radiation; insects are often attracted to light sources that emit of light radiation, and this device is designed to exploit this behaviour, for forecasting pest outbreaks, and mass trapping of insects. This device is fitted with LED lamp as key light source for attracting the insects to promote the integrated pest management. This device come with bowl placed under lamp to fill with water and few drops of kerosene added to water, as soon as insects drops themselves near the lamp, they shall fall into kerosene mixed water and die due to toxic effect of kerosene.

    Optional Accessories:

    Fixed height Stand 3 Feet
    Fixed height Stand 6 Feet
    Adjustable Height Stand 8 Feet

    For what type of crops this trap should be used?
    • Agriculture: Grains/Pulses/Oil seeds Farming, Vegetable Crops, etc.
    • Plantation Crop: Viz. Sugarcane, Banana, Cotton, Tea, Coffee, Coconut/Date/Oil Palm,
    • Horticulture: All type of Horticulture orchards Viz. Pomegranate/Orange/Sweet Lime,
    Grapes, Custard Apple, etc
    • Floriculture: All type flower farming in Open farms and Green Houses
    • Aquaculture, Animal Barns

    The use of chemical pesticides along with trap:
    Chemical pesticides should be used only as last resort, when infestation increases above economic threshold level.
    These traps shall be used as integrated pest management tools, for Organic, Natural, Commercial and Sustainable farming practices.

    Benefits & Features:

    1. Lures & Kills wide range of insects /pests only.
    2. Environment friendly: Its natural insect killer doesn't make use of chemical
    3. Energy Conservation: Operates on inexhaustible green/clean solar energy.
    4. Saves Expense on Manpower: Its completely automatic system doesn't require human
    interaction on daily basis to operate this machine. This leads to huge saving on manpower
    required to spraying/ fumigation of insecticides/pesticides required in conventional pest
    management techniques.
    5. Increased harvest and production: saves from loss of harvest/crop, due to pests infestation
    and associated damage.
    6. Saves Expense on Chemical Pesticides
    7. Very minimal operating cost.
    8. Protection of Ecological Environment: Doesn't make use of chemicals.
    9. Healthy and natural farm produce: Pesticide free farm produce & environment
    10. Easy to installation/relocation, no need of wiring, excavation and construction
    11. Investment recovery Period: Generally investment recovery period is less than one crop
    period, when compared with expenses on chemical pesticides management in similar kind of

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  • Feature: • Hemiptera (True Bugs, cicadas, planthoppers, leafhoppers and shield bugs) • Coleoptera (Beetles) • Lepidoptera (Moths) • Isoptera (Termites) • Hymenoptera (Swaflies, ants and etc.)
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