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Fructus gleditschiae

Fructus gleditschiae
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  • Category: Horticulture & Gardening >> Gardening >> Garden plants
  • Description: Fructus gleditschiae is a perennial plant, stem with thorns, bean-shaped seeds. Each Fructus gleditschiae average results from the 30-40 seeds. Fructus gleditschiae  beans contain a large amount of vegetable oil. So regular shampooing with Fructus gleditschiae  helps black hair and shiny.
    Style: Dried
    Type: Other
    Taste:          Other
    Shape:        Long Drying
    Process:    AD
    Process:     Other
    Type: Common, Organic, Other

    Packaging:  Bulk, Other Max.
    Moisture (%):       5% Max

    Certification:        ISO
    Weight (kg):         20
    Shelf Life:   12 Months
    Place of Origin:    Vietnam Brand Name:        Vdelta


    In Vietnam, the people used pickled or cooked fruit Fructus gleditschiae  shampoo, cleaning bucket, smooth hair, and wash clothes using wool, felt, silk color, not tarnished and faded.
    In modern medicine, some hospitals used to treat pumpkin great Fructus gleditschiae  , flatus after surgery, bowel obstruction, for both children and adults. How to use: take 1/4 grilled to golden fruit, seeded and finely pulverized. Powder dot canule put it at the beginning of the anus into 3 - 4cm, do so 3-4 times, after 3-5 minutes, patients rated flatus and bowel. Fructus gleditschiae  is also used in cases of seizures, coma, export ban, asthma, pimples and employees mammary gland, toothache pain. Fructus gleditschiae  beans apples to treat bowel, chronic dysentery, diarrhea and tenesmus, lymph node TB, anthrax. Dosage: 4.5 - 9g / day, water colors or complete canopy shape. Fructus gleditschiae  thorns pimple cure, breast swelling and pain. Taboo: pregnant women must not use locust.

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