Amereswara Agri Tech Pvt. Ltd is a leading Exporter / Importer / Trader of Seeds in Hyderabad, India & also Manufacturer / Supplier of all Vegetable Seeds product in Hyderabad, India.

The product is supplied with the support of highly experienced Research & Product Development team.

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Amereswara Agri Tech Pvt. Ltd

  • Business Type: Vegetables & Seeds >> Seeds >> Vegetable Seeds
  • Contact Person: Amereswara Agri Tech Pvt. Ltd
  • Mobile: *******/4987
  • Email: *******
  • Website: *******
  • Business Address: Anandnagar, Pune: 411 051 301,Durga Apartment, Solnaji Guda, Hyderabad:500 082
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Origination: ( Hyderabad, India)
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